Organizing Committee

The Western Student Research Conference would not be possible without the dedication, energy, and passion of the Executive Committee. The WSRC 2019 Executive Committee is composed of the following individuals:

Co-Chairs: Selina Phan, Matthew Yip

VP Internal: Fouad Raouf-Alkadhimi

Logistics Director: Kathy Hu

Research Director: Mihai Dumbrava

Research Committee: Maximillian Solytsniak, Ronald Chow, MengQi Zhang, Roann Enriquez, Renee Ragguett

VP External: Camilla Parpia

Faculty Reps: Rose Ghaedi, Esti Azizi, Vivek Gill, Eunice Tulang, Jessie Song

Media Team: Tyler Cheeseman, Ishita Sharma

VP Finance: Lev Konopelko

Sponsorship Directors: Dea Singh, Haleh Zabihi